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5 Things you must bring to stand out at a party

Everyone always stresses about what to bring to a party. 'Should I make food or pick up some alcohol?' Both are nice, but neither one are particularly unique. If you are like us as SBB, then you like to stand out. Here are some of our suggestions of what to bring to stand out a party:

5.) Jenga.   Thats right - Jenga!  This little gem is a perfect item to bring to a party. Why? Not only is it a mindless game that takes the thinking of a five-year-old, but it is a great judge of who should be handing you their keys and who is ready to help out if a emergency surgery is needed.

4.)  Jello Shots.   There is always room for Jello Shots! I am not sure why these things are so delightful, but who am I to second guess the power of gelatin  Jello comes in dozens of flavors, that all taste even better mixed with your favorite flavored vodka. Our favorite - black cherry vodka and lime gelatin. Try it!

3.)  Digital Camera.  Lets admit it. We all love having our picture taken  Well that is to say we don't mind so much if we have had a couple drinks. Don't be the person left with no memories of your nights, be the hero that brings the camera to the party and has the power of extortion for years to come.

2.) Bangin' Playlists.   Once the music goes, so goes the party. Don't let the party have a dull moment. Spend a little bit of time on your music playlists. There is no better way to liven up a party then a music change. If the party is starting to drag, plug your device with your preloaded playlist in to the stereo, then sit back and watch everyone move and groove to your vibes. Just be prepared with the name of each artist and song title for when people are hi-fiving you asking "love this song! who sings it?"

1.) The Dong Bong and Boob Tube.  There is no one who is going to stand out at the party more than they guy or girl walking around with a sexy beer bong. These sexy bongs will make some memories that are sure to last. Bachelors and bachelorettes of all ages (over 21 of course) will be thanking you for bringing them to their party. Sexy Beer Bongs are fun to take almost anywhere; river trips, tail gating, concerts, fraternity and sorority parties....really any party where there is going to be people and beer! We will be on the lookout in our inbox for invites!


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