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5 Things you must bring to stand out at a party

Everyone always stresses about what to bring to a party. 'Should I make food or pick up some alcohol?' Both are nice, but neither one are particularly unique. If you are like us as SBB, then you like to stand out. Here are some of our suggestions of what to bring to stand out a party: 5.) Jenga.   Thats right - Jenga!  This little gem is a perfect item to bring to a party. Why? Not only is it a mindless game that takes the thinking of a five-year-old, but it is a great judge of who should be handing you their..  - Read More Launches new site!!

Well... It has been a long time since there was a blog written on this site so I find it fitting that the First blog be launching our new site. That's right!! The people at SexyBeerBongs have finally gotten off their asses and did something. We have been getting hassled by spring breakers on the beach so we decided to finally get some work done. We also plan on doing some work offline. You are going to see us featured is a movie this summer. The title of the movie will be named later but lets just say people are..  - Read More

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